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Hey, Are You Busy?

I’ve been trying to eliminate the word busy from my vocabulary. A couple of years ago, it suddenly started striking me as discordant when I heard others using it, which

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Fearlessness is Not Courage

Fearlessness is amazing. It’s big, bold, magnificent, and has its teeth bared. It’s striking that “look at my muscles” pose that kids make in photos. It’s riding its bike/skateboard/weird piece

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Culture: Think, Talk, Do

Culture. It’s a buzzword, casually tossed about when talking about teams and companies. It’s a word sometimes used as an excuse or a way to avoid saying what we’re really

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Unnecessary Panic

Panic. It’s ugly. And unhelpful. Years ago, one of my closest friends coined the phrase “unnecessary panic.” She meant exactly what it sounds like — an outsized reaction to something

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Lizard Brain, Higher Self

There are parts of our brain that evolved to protect us as animals, as biological creatures. And there are parts that make us uniquely human — evolved, rational planners and

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Give Your Brain a Goal

Sometimes, especially if we’re intrinsically motivated, we feel like goal setting is unnecessary, or at least less important — something that can be deprioritized. We show up to work or

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