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The Simplest Explanation

I’m going to let you in on a secret: we overcomplicate things. What you feel is what you feel. It doesn’t have to have a cause, a root, an insidious

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For Me, Not Against You

As a people, we’re obsessed with what others are thinking. I use the term obsessed intentionally. Because this constant wondering about the thoughts of others takes up more of our

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Get Yourself Up the Stairs

What if the information, experience, or knowledge you needed to transform your life or deepen your engagement in it, were just at the top of a flight of stairs? Within

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100% Responsible

I was at an all-time low — lost, confused, out of alignment with myself somehow, and completely baffled as to how to correct it. But I knew exactly who and

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The Gift of Power

I have a thing about bad customer service. Maybe you’ve had the distinct pleasure of being on the phone with Verizon. Or Comcast. Maybe you, too, have thought in the

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Brace for Impact

We’re chemically designed for reward, for immediate gratification, for relief. It feels great to eat, to consume alcohol, take drugs, have sex, and on the flip side, to decide not

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