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Between You + Your Vision

When I was a kid, I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid. Bad. My parents, ever practical and never indulgent, said I could save up for one. They helped me by

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Be Amazed by Your Byproducts

If you want something you don’t already have, your relationship with yourself and your understanding of your mind are the best tools available for getting it. I believe that our

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Leadership Armor

The most important things we can pay attention to in becoming the leaders we want to be are: Our definition of leadership and What we think about ourselves as leaders

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Go big

Going big is scary. Doing all we know ourselves to be capable of, taking risks, and showing the world everything that we’re made of — it’s no small feat. Brené

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The results are in the doing.

A conversation that I have a lot — with clients, with friends and family, and with people out in the world — is about practicing thought work, about managing our

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