The Purposeful Leader

Inspiration, belief, and implementable techniques
for transforming your purpose, productivity + leadership capacity.

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How to Find + Have Purpose

Finding your purpose is active. We find our purpose by seeking, trying things, deciding we love them (or don’t), then repeating. We find our purpose through action. Purpose does not

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The only tool you need

There is only one tool needed to plan your time. There is only one tool required to be incredibly productive + effective. It is the best tool available. It is

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Lesser of Two Discomforts

“I planned to hang out with my kids yesterday afternoon. Instead, I let my mom watch them and I went to my desk and replied to emails.” “I’ve been trying

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Anti-Racism Starts Here

I’m not racist is a thought. I am racist is a thought. Thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions, which create our results. The only measure of a thought

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