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Lesser of Two Discomforts

“I planned to hang out with my kids yesterday afternoon. Instead, I let my mom watch them and I went to my desk and replied to emails.” “I’ve been trying

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Anti-Racism Starts Here

I’m not racist is a thought. I am racist is a thought. Thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions, which create our results. The only measure of a thought

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Perfect is the Enemy

What’s your right now resolution? Not the 2nd half of 2020. Not June. Right now. What single action can you take — even if it seems “too small” — to

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What’s your reputation? In the minds of others, are you dependable? Reliable? Resourceful? Solution-oriented? Hard-working? We often make decisions based on our reputations with others. We say yes and say

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Emotional Quality of Life

What is your emotional quality of life? Take a second. Think about it. What 2-3 emotions do you experience most? Our emotions are biological signals, chemical tools that tell us

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