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Relationships in Chaos

Our relationship to anything is our list of thoughts about that thing. Our relationships to people are our thoughts about those people. Our relationship to a specific person is our

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Everyone is Judging You

Everyone is judging you. They’re judging your choices, your diction, your style. Everything about you. Constantly. Right now. Because the human brain is a judging machine. Just think about all

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The Weight of the World

“Working at a non-profit, you can get really focused on the needs in the world. I haven’t thought about what I want in a long time.” This is a perfectly

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Indecision Costs

Let’s talk about indecision. I’m a fan of deciding. Opting moves us forward, gives us new information to work with, and builds our trust in our own decision making. And,

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When to Decide: Ahead of Time

When a client tells me she’s struggling to follow through on something important, the first thing we look at is when she’s making decisions. By default, many of us make

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