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Catch 22: social-purpose leadership

Leadership, Management

The world needs changing. And I’ve always thought I could change it. 

Like me, many women are drawn to work that has a social purpose. We want to serve the world, make an impact. We often rise to positions of leadership within our mission-driven organizations.

And then, something happens. The messages we’ve absorbed about serving others and the world — that we have to put everyone else first + that asking for what we want is selfish — start getting in the way.

They get in the way of how much money we make + how hard we negotiate for our own salary (even if we fully go to bat for our teams). They show up in how many hours we work. They show up in the way we “get it all done” rather than “make the biggest impact.”

When this happens to one woman leader, here’s what happens to the world: it suffers. It is not improved by the same measure it could be if that same woman believed in her right to determine and drive what she wants, her time, and the impact of her organization.

The beliefs that keep women leaders playing small keep the impact of their organizations small.

And that’s a travesty.

We’re socialized to be caregivers. We pick caring, world-bettering work. And the same socialization that helps us care for other people prevents us from going after the biggest impact possible.

There is a different way.

A way to keep the desire to serve the world but eliminate the fear that it’s not our place to go big.

A way to use our time to change the world, but use only exactly as much of it as we want to for that purpose. Without feeling guilty about taking time for ourselves.

A way to have the impact we want, and eliminate the million little things that keep us from it.

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