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Category: Management

Leading during a crisis

All of my clients are leading during a pandemic — many are leading organizations, some are leading households, all are leading their lives. We’ve been talking a lot about their

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Fighting Reality

Imagine trying to change the color of the sky because you’d prefer it was orange. Or trying to cure yourself of the flu by ignoring it and going about your

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State of Emergency

Emergencies are easy. There’s a clear, single priority. There’s a ready-made excuse for doing just the most essential, urgent tasks. Because there’s an emergency. All hands on deck. Everything else

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Organizational Beliefs

Every organization has operating manuals, procedure manuals, protocol. And there’s also a set of beliefs that drives every company. And these beliefs have much, much more influence over its success

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Doing Hard Things

I’ve fired a lot of people. People I’ve worked with for only a couple of days, people I’ve worked with for years, people who were (and still are) my friends

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