The Purposeful Leader

Inspiration, belief, and implementable techniques
for transforming your purpose, productivity + leadership capacity.

dig deep, show up

Change the world in time for dinner.

Leadership, Management, Productivity

I took a job I wasn’t sold on for less money than I wanted to make, with more required hours than I wanted to work.

Because I thought a better offer might not come around.

It felt terrible.

Exhausted + confused, I was overworking and underearning. Which made everything worse . . . like a snowball of awful.

So I made a decision.

To get out of the passenger’s seat + into the driver’s seat of my own life and career.

I learned a lot, worked very hard, and changed that job I was iffy on into my dream job.

I made a huge impact doing exactly what I loved doing.

I achieved big goals AND achieved my company’s mission.

And I got home in time for dinner.

Now, as a coach, I teach other mission-driven high-achieving women to do the same. I teach you everything I know and help you get the same results. Faster. Without all the straining and grunting I went through.

Change the world. Make money. Feel like a boss. And be home in time for dinner.

Schedule a consultation. It could change everything. Faster than you think.