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Establishing your Filter

Leadership, Management, Productivity

What’s most important?

In your role right now, what’s the big idea? The most vital result to create or service to deliver?

An offering to your customers? An important hire? A 3-year plan to meet your business goals?

What is it?

Now, holding that in your mind, use it to take a look at the rest of today and the rest of your week.

What time, what energy, what activities are in direct support or service of that most important thing?

What things aren’t?

I call these two steps — identifying what’s most important and then looking at your time + energy through that lens — establishing your filter.

This gives you a clear way to assess how you’re spending your time.

The best part is that it’s so simple, so quick. You can do it right now.

With a filter established, you have a guide for how you spend your time.

It helps you identify what’s vital, needed, important.

And what’s not, no matter how urgent it seems, no matter how habitual it is.

Achieving is about what we don’t do as much as what we do.

It’s about cutting away what doesn’t help us get where we’re going.

What’s most important?

What if you cut away everything that doesn’t help you get there?

What would you be able to do?

When we implement this practice, structure our lives in service of our biggest dreams + goals, we often come up against the beliefs we’ve internalized about our time + how we spend it. We find that it’s hard, for example, to practice saying no, or following through on prioritizing strategy over email. I work with clients to achieve their missions by cutting away what’s not critical to achieving them. So they can achieve bigger goals, make a bigger impact, and do it all without overworking. Let’s get started.