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Great questions

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You want to have an amazing day. How to make it happen?

Something I get asked often is some version of: how do I take control of my day? For some people it’s about planning, for others it’s about juggling, but what everyone really wants to know underneath is how to be in the driver’s seat, and feel accomplished at 5 PM. The answer is always your mental game. Below is a list of questions I love. Spend a few minutes answering one or more of them before you dive in, and see where it takes you.

How do I want to direct my mind today?

What way of thinking will bring me the result I want to create?

How do I want to feel at the end of today?

What do I want to have accomplished by the end of today?

What’s the most important thing for me to spend my time on?

What am I procrastinating? How would it feel to make progress or get it done?

How can I accomplish my goals simply?

How can I enjoy myself?

What result will I feel most proud of creating?

How can I spend my time today to make the rest of my week more productive or effective?

What obstacles to accomplishment or productivity have I faced recently? What strategies can I put in place to prevent them?

How do I want to determine whether today was successful?

Great questions send your brain running to find great answers. When we ask powerful, forward-thinking questions we find power + forward momentum. Imagine the possibility of applying this to every one of your days, and to the rest of your life. Schedule a consultation call. We’ll talk about where you are now + get you an instant breakthrough or two. And if it’s a great fit, we can talk about working together.