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How to Find + Have Purpose

Leadership, Motivation, Values

Finding your purpose is active.

We find our purpose by seeking, trying things, deciding we love them (or don’t), then repeating.

We find our purpose through action.

Purpose does not find us. We can’t wait for it to appear.

But so many of us wait when we feel purposeless.

We wait for inspiration.

Waiting isn’t an act of creation. It is not an act of agency. It is not an act of authority.

Waiting is an act of passivity, entitlement.

Waiting is driven by the belief that purpose is something that happens to us, not something we create or a journey we undertake.

Having a purpose is also active.

The purpose we have is defined by the decisions + choices we make daily about how to spend our time and what to think.

Our purpose is created and maintained when we show up willing to do what it takes to create the day, life, world, or relationship we want through whatever obstacles we face.

When we describe not having a purpose — or losing our purpose — it means that we’ve stopped engaging with our ability to create the experience we want in our life.

It looks like spending more time thinking about problems than looking for solutions.

It looks like not giving mental air time to our goals + vision for the future.

It looks like waiting for other people or the world to change before we can feel better or like blaming others for the way we currently feel.

It feels terrible.

Most of us can think of times in our lives when our vision was clear + we believed in working toward something. And many of us — especially when we’ve lost that feeling — dismiss it as youthful optimism. Or, we give the credit for how amazing it felt to things outside of us — a recent graduation, a new job, a promotion, or a new relationship. But really, the feeling came from how we were thinking about our circumstances, not from the circumstances themselves. We believed in possibility, believed in our own ability to affect change, or build a company, or serve our communities, or create a family.

My clients sometimes describe themselves this way. Generally happy, If somewhat muted, idealists. They can remember big dreams and loved feeling truly engaged + passionate, but recently have spent more time thinking of the day-to-day execution of their goals as boring or routine and have 1) accepted that as a fact and 2) stopped dreaming big — either by recommitting to the decisions they’ve already made or by powerfully deciding to do something different.

When we have a dream or goal, obstacles are inevitable.

When we encounter them, it is our choice whether we make them mean that our goal is less possible than we thought, or whether we see them as opportunities to recommit, to build a skill required of us to do something meaningful.

Overcoming obstacles is why achieving things feels amazing.

Your purpose is vital.

Your purpose is yours.

Your purpose is created minute by minute throughout your day.

Your purpose belongs to you, right now.

Your purpose might change tomorrow.

Your purpose today doesn’t have to be grand or world-changing.

It just has to be yours. Something you want. Something you can give or share or create.

What can you do today to make it happen?

Go do it.

Sometimes re-engaging with your purpose is as easy as asking yourself “would I choose this again today?” and discovering that yes, the role, mission or relationship in front of you is the one you actively want + decide to keep. If you’re ready to look at your life + decisions from the driver’s seat, schedule a free 45-minute consultation. How would it feel to make the decision to prioritize yourself? To stop waiting? To live, powerfully, right now?