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Morality Tale


You’re listening to yourself talk about work . . . you’re saying “It’s busy. But I love it.”

You hear a voice in your head, “Wait. Is that really true? Do I love it?”

It feels like a lie.

And then you feel guilty.

You should love it. It has a noble, world-changing purpose.

And if you don’t love it anymore, what does that mean?

What does it mean about you? About your future?

And what would you do if not this?

The problem is that you’ve absorbed the message that so many well-intentioned people believe and repeat, the one that we hear over and over and over again when we want to change the world: that our choice of work is a question of morality, and that if we can help, and don’t — or don’t want to — we’re bad people.

And as long as the stakes are that high, both your present and your future will feel murky and terrible.

You can contribute to the world and be joyful.

In fact, your joy increases your contribution.

I coach mission-driven leaders who are ready to end the morality story, contribute joyfully, and change the f*&%ing world.

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