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Perfect is the Enemy

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What’s your right now resolution?

Not the 2nd half of 2020.

Not June.

Right now.

What single action can you take — even if it seems “too small” — to move you toward something you want?

It can be imperfect.

It can be something your brain tells you isn’t enough.

It doesn’t matter.

It matters that it’s right now.

That you commit to doing it. Today.

That it feels 100% doable.

That you are so certain you’ll do it that you’re willing to pay me $100 if you don’t.

We wait to take action until we can do things perfectly.

The human brain loves a clean slate, a reset, a blank canvas.

We love the idea that one day we will perfectly execute a new state of all-out being.

We will *poof* be organized.

*Poof* be a marathon runner.

*Poof* have a better relationship.

Hear me. Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever happens that way.

Big change is always incremental.

So what’s your right now resolution?

Set it. Commit to it. Follow through.

Do it again tomorrow. And the day after.

Then count your progress at the end of a month.

And compare that progress to what you would have achieved if you waited to do it perfectly . . . someday.

Do not let your brain tell you that one step isn’t enough to change your life. It is. It is the only thing that ever changes anything. Schedule a consultation. It’s easy, simple, and free. And in under 3 minutes, you can be one step closer to your goals.