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What’s your reputation?

In the minds of others, are you dependable?





We often make decisions based on our reputations with others.

We say yes and say no based on that reputation.

We want to be seen as dependable, or hard-working, or organized, or capable.

And those are perfectly wonderful aims if we value them.

But the first reputation we consider needs to be our reputation with us.

If decisions for other people consistently makes us miss time with family + friends.

If saying yes to the things that come our way means saying no to the things that are really important, or if all the yeses keep us mired in the day-to-day instead of rising out of it to set goals, stake a claim, go after something big.

When it comes to your thoughts about you, what’s your reputation?

Can you count on yourself?

Do you trust that you’ll figure it out?

Do you know that when you say you’ll do it it’s as good as done?

Do you know your boundaries because you’ve clearly stated them and don’t cross them?

Taking our reputation with ourselves to the next level is so much fun.

It’s like watching our limits disintegrate.

One of my clients has an external reputation for getting it all done.

She’s working on having an internal reputation for excellent leadership + excellent work product.

Recently, a senator’s office called to ask for her organization’s help with a project. It would have helped many people, but distracted her team from other things. The project was in their general wheelhouse, but not in one of their specific areas of expertise.

She could have said yes.

She made the powerful decision to say no.

To trust herself + her goals.

To show herself that she is a person who makes decisions based on what’s most important.

To build her internal reputation.

Listen to me. With a solid internal reputation, there is no need for an external one. Imagine knowing, in your bones, that you follow through for yourself, that you make powerful decisions deliberately, that you show up when you say you will — for yourself + your dreams as much as for other people. It’s surprising how many high-performing leaders achieve success and realize that their days are based on maintaining the external reputation they’ve earned rather than on building the internal reputation they want. If you’re ready, let’s go. Schedule a consultation. It’s free, it’s fun, and it could be a defining decision for you. I’ll take care of everything — just sign up. See you soon.