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The Best Thing in the World

Motivation, Values

“. . . the world is the best thing in the world.”

This is what my husband wants to teach our nieces.

That it’s not your small patch that is the best.

It’s not your specific way of thinking that moves everything forward.

It’s not your country.

Or your political view.

Or your taste in music.

It’s that there are so many.

That there are multitudes.

That over there is vastly different than right here.

That your view is different than mine.

That what one person knows will always be so much less than what that person doesn’t know.

That the world, the whole world, is what’s best about the world.

My husband doesn’t speak in superlatives or use hyperbole. I do enough of that for both of us.

This statement, said while driving the other day, struck me as everything.

A superlative that assumes anything can be superlative.

Nothing is more special.

It’s all special.

Kurt Vonnegut recently reminded me that we have so many opportunities to notice a wonderful moment or appreciate our own fortune or happiness. To stop, look around, and (to quote Mr. Vonnegut’s uncle Alex) proclaim “If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

Whatever your practice or custom today, may you have occasion to appreciate something, feel grateful, or revel in the beauty of contrast, difference, multitude.