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The Secret to Permanent Change

Motivation, Productivity

Permanent change comes from permanent commitment.

It comes from 100% certainty that you will follow through.

It comes from an action you are so sure you’ll take that you’d be willing to bet $1,000 that you’ll do it.

Can you 100% non-negotiably commit to spending 5 minutes at the beginning of your day reviewing your calendar every day for the next year? Do that. Now. Today. Start doing it every day. (And put it on your calendar.)

Are you absolutely certain that a 15-minute walk in the middle of your workday is doable for the next three months? Prove it to yourself. Start there.

Sometimes, the actions that move us closest to our goals seem too small to make a difference.

But that comes from the brain measuring the size of the wrong thing.

It’s not about measuring the size of the action, it’s about measuring the size of the commitment.

If you’re not really willing to do something forever, you’re going to stop doing it.

The way my clients change their life balance is by picking what’s doable, then showing themselves what’s possible — they give themselves evidence that they can spend two hours in the evening not checking email; they show themselves that they’re capable of ending their workdays at 7 PM instead of 8 or 9; they plan their time a day in advance, and do that on repeat until they love planning ahead so much that they want to increase the increment to two days, then a week . . . they make permanent changes because at every step they are 100% committed, 100% certain they’ll follow through.

Change doesn’t come from all-out, full-fledged, but impossible-to-sustain perfection.

You cannot become a marathon runner by running 26 miles the first time you ever go on a run.

Find a commitment you are willing to make permanently, or for as long as it takes to achieve your current goal.

Are you willing to bet $1,000 that you’ll do it every day for the next month? That’s the level of commitment you need.

You don’t need all-out. You need doable, right now. And tomorrow.

Brains are tricky. This stuff is what I live and breathe, and my brain still wants to tell me that “be more productive” is a reasonable action item to add to my list of priorities. The difference is that I recognize what it’s doing, and redirect it to something that actually moves me forward. And believe me when I tell you that feels like a superpower. Become the person who’s mastered your calendar, uses your time instead of it using you and comes home ready to be present for what’s most important. Schedule a consultation. (It’s 100% doable.)