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What are you willing to feel?

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I was recently telling my business coach how uncomfortable it was to take action toward some of my goals. She asked if I was willing to feel twice the discomfort I was feeling, every day, if it meant I achieved twice as much + helped twice as many people.

My answer was yes. Without hesitation, and unwaveringly.

Our willingness to feel is one of the greatest assets we have. And that particular moment with my coach was such a powerful personal reminder. It was a reminder that I’m here for the end result. And that the amount of success I have on the path to that result is directly related to how much I’m willing to give to achieve it.

I work with clients all the time on what they’re willing to experience to achieve their goals — since no goal is ever achieved without emotional obstacles.

We become more confident in a particular arena by being willing to experience feeling like a newbie along the way.

We become better managers by being willing to navigate conversations + make decisions that feel completely foreign.

We experience the deepest love in the relationships that we throw our whole, best self into despite the risk of loss, rejection, and heartbreak.

And when we try to circumvent discomfort on the way to the goal, we move farther away from it.

If you want to learn to ride a bike, but you’re unwilling to fall, you’re not really ever going to learn to ride a bike. Or at the very least, you’ll learn very, very slowly.

We want the good stuff in advance. ‘I want to feel really confident navigating tricky management conversations. Then I’ll definitely jump in more often with my struggling team members.‘ But that’s backward.

Your skill will come from doing the thing and being willing to have it be uncomfortable. And are you willing to experience 10 really uncomfortable team conversations if it means you’ll help your team and have a different skill set by the end?

So ask yourself this: what do you want (or who do you want to be)?

If you go after that goal, what emotional obstacles (discomfort) will be in your path?

Are you willing to experience them in order to get what you want?

If yes, I say go. Go now, go bigger, go faster. See what’s possible when you’re willing to feel.

What are you willing to experience to achieve your goals? If you knew you’d succeed, how many obstacles would you be willing to face along the way? Coaching teaches you how to identify and pursue what you want, and how to deftly handle everything between you and the goals you set. Schedule a consultation call.