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When the Leadership Going Gets Tough

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When the Leadership Going Gets Tough

Cultivating a leadership style rooted in values (and that telegraphs these roots and motivation in every decision) deepens your leadership influence and takes full advantage of the opportunity to lead. It also builds trust and integrity  — the currency of leadership — and teaches those around you to become better leaders themselves.

And, it can feel difficult to make leadership decisions in moments of stress, or when we’re faced with new challenges. These situations can make it feel like we’re in new territory, like we don’t know how to be guided by our values or like they somehow don’t apply.

Over years of facing this unknown territory, making many mistakes, and observing other values-driven leaders, I’ve found a sequence of steps and questions that help navigate even intractable-seeming obstacles. Walking through the categories below and writing down responses to the prompts and questions, can help get to a place of solution, a place where values shine through even in tough situations.

Facts & Circumstances: What happened, or what’s happening?
  • Without emotion, assess the facts and circumstances. Facts are provable, unambiguous and consistent between observers.

Values: What is most important?
    • At the end of this situation, challenge, week, year, or lifetime, what values or ethics do you want to be able to say drove your decisions, plans, responses and leadership style?

  • What does your community or company value? And what aspects of those values are at play?

People, Entities, Service: To whom are you responsible?
    • Who are all the groups involved and people affected?

  • What service relationship do you have to what end users?

Outcomes & Results: What end result are you shooting for?
    • A specific resolution? Decision? Concrete result or number?

    • What change in attitude, skill, or knowledge will result for those involved?

  • What will be different if you are successful?

Methods & Strategy: How do you get there?
  • What specifically needs to happen to respond/plan/do in line with your values and in service to your end users to bring about the outcome you want?

Dig deep, show up, win your day.

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