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Worst Case Scenario, Part 2

Leadership, Motivation, Values

Last week we talked about the worst-case scenario of risk — what our brain tells us vs. what’s real.

This week, I want to offer you level two.

Level one is all about resetting our understanding, getting clear on what’s real, and making a decision from this place of reality, rather than from catastrophic thinking.

Level two is about thinking about what’s possible.

Using the example of asking for a salary increase, what’s the best thing that could happen?

You have the conversation even though it feels challenging.

You get a yes.

What would that mean? What would that make possible? What impact would that have on the future?

Think about your self-confidence — to have acted within your integrity and not let fear stop you.

Think about your financial life right now — your ability to use, or spend, or save that money in a way that represents your values.

Think about future salary conversations.

The people you love.

Your future self.

Whatever example you’re using to think about this, what can you envision? Your vision is the best case scenario PLUS the impact you can imagine rippling through your present life and into your future.

Really hold that vision.

Okay, so here’s level two: the actual worst-case scenario is that you don’t give that vision a chance. That you cheat yourself out of that possibility.

Think about something you took a risk to get. Something you worked for or said yes to even though it felt uncomfortable, scary or confusing at the time. Think about what your life is like because of that decision. Think about what you have that you never would have had if you’d made a different choice.

Wouldn’t that be the worst case? That you don’t have all you delight in right now?

When we decide from possibility, we give ourselves big futures.

Futures that we’d never get when we decide from a false worst-case.

The things we act on become part of a hero’s story, whether we succeed or fail.

And many of the “failures” that result from taking action in the direction of our integrity become incredible parts of our story. Things we often later wouldn’t trade even if we could.

You can choose to make decisions from possibility.

And see what kind of life you create.

The absolute worst case is totally fine.

So why not go bigger?

How about balance? More time? Confidence as a meta-skill? A different relationship to yourself? Better relationships with the most important people in your life? And with everyone else? Every day, I help clients build skills to transform their lives and leadership capability. And I’d love to help you achieve whatever result you’re looking for — or help you identify it. Book a free consultation call with me — there’s no risk, only potential gain. I can’t wait to meet you.