You can have everything you want.

If there was a single sentence to describe everything about my work in the world, why I run my business, and what I offer to my clients, it would be that.

I’ve worked as an executive, coach + teacher for over 20 years. I’ve taught hundreds of people about operations, leadership, management, time management, goals, you name it.

But really, it all comes down to that one sentence: you can have everything you want.

For years, I was trapped believing in false choices:

I could go after my wildest dreams, or I could have the schedule I wanted.

I could make a lot of money or I could do work that had an amazing social impact.

I could keep everything I love in my life or I could have an incredible career.

Every one of those was false. I could have everything. I just didn’t know it.


When I figured it out, I created it. Now I have everything I wanted.

At the end of the day, the reason I’m here is to show you that you can have everything, too.

I want women to be madly in love with themselves and their lives.

You in?

Mimi is a phenomenal coach who has the ability to help you radically change your life.
Partnering with Mimi on this journey has been instrumental in my professional and personal growth.
Comfort Zone
... your ability to ask difficult questions and challenge me to work through my comfort zone is unlike anything I have ever experienced.
Beyond Amazing
Coaching with Mimi has been beyond amazing. The insights and knowledge I’ve gotten are mind-blowing.
Ruby Slippers
Working with Mimi is like finding out you’ve been wearing ruby slippers the whole time.
Full 1
[Mimi's] coaching program is the best thing I've ever done.
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