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MASTERCLASS: Design Your Dreams for Done

Feel like there’s so much to do, and getting to your most important work always feels a little out of reach? You’re in the right place. In this free Masterclass, I will teach you the same concepts + tactics I give to my clients to achieve their goals, get important work done, and still have very clear work boundaries. You’ll learn exactly how to change your experience starting today.

Tame Your Wild Email

Email. It’s a powerful communication tool that is supposed to make our lives easier. But for so many people, it feels like the mail basket next to our front door has spilled over to fill our whole house. I know because I LIVED it. In this class, I’ll teach you the three steps I used to decrease my emails received from 800/week to 200/week and make myself the boss of my inbox rather than the other way around. For only $36 (really, not kidding), you’ll get your email under control, create a daily inbox routine, and scrutinize every email that crosses your metaphorical or literal desk. Take back your inbox, take back your life.

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Don’t want to retire.
When we started working together my goal was to retire. Now, I love what I’m doing so much . . . I want to keep going.
Partnering with Mimi on this journey has been instrumental in my professional and personal growth.
Comfort Zone
… your ability to ask difficult questions and challenge me to work through my comfort zone is unlike anything I have ever experienced.
Beyond Amazing
Coaching with Mimi has been beyond amazing. The insights and knowledge I’ve gotten are mind-blowing.
Ruby Slippers
Working with Mimi is like finding out you’ve been wearing ruby slippers the whole time.
Full 1
[Mimi’s] coaching program is the best thing I’ve ever done.
Mimi is a phenomenal coach who has the ability to help you radically change your life.
This has been so transformative. I think
about all the goals I set out. I’ve accomplished so many.
It’s hard to wrap up in words just how meaningful this coaching experience has been for me . . . what I’ve gained far exceeds my work life.
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