Big goals. Achieved.

Important work. Done.

Busy work. Ditched.

Working relationships. On lock.

Next level. Attained.

You want a highly engaged, incredibly effective team. You want to set company goals and achieve them while supporting your teams to do their best work and cut out all the stuff that doesn’t matter.

I’d love to help.

Before venturing into entrepreneurship, I spent 20 years leading social-purpose companies. I’ve coached and trained thousands of people on effective work habits, management, hiring, and corporate culture. And, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of leading a company with a big mission.

I offer team coaching programs + speaking engagements and would love to talk directly to you about how I can help your company change the world.

Start by booking a time to connect + telling me a bit about what you’re looking for.

Let’s go. Together. Talk soon.

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Mimi is unmatched as a leader in the professional world. She’s a skilled coach, relentless manager, and an exceptional developer of talent. She’s absolutely the person you want in your corner, coaching you to be your best self while she sincerely cheers you on.

— Chris Goetz, former Chief Operating Officer, Galileo
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Mimi has a true talent for deeply listening and being able to home in on the problem or problems that need to be addressed. Whether it is one on one or team coaching, she is able to clear out the “noise” and address the real issue(s) at hand…

— Monica Rocchino, Owner, The Local Butcher Shop
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Mimi is the absolute best teacher, leader, listener, advice giver, and wisdom sharer I know. She believes everyone has immense potential and coaches you to meet that potential. Mimi is empowering and inspiring, when I work with her everything I work on gets better.

— Jamie Simon, Executive Director, Camp Tawonga
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