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The highest performers all experience impostor syndrome. Leadership requires huge amounts of vulnerability. Fear comes with the territory of achieving big goals.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone taught us these truths before we dove into our lives + careers? Because once we understand them, we also understand that we’re totally normal, that our brains are wired in a way that doesn’t always serve us, and that we always have the option of owning our lives. Then everything changes. Everything expands — our joy, our achievement, and the lightness that we experience in our lives.

You can experience the confidence + ease that come from taking the reins...

...through an individual coaching program designed for motivated, purpose-driven high-performers.

We don’t talk a lot about the mental + emotional health of leaders. About the things that all leaders experience but think they alone feel.

We see other people killing it and think they have it all together. But we think that people who look at us through that lens are mistaken.

We think impostor syndrome happens because we really are impostors.

We work too much but feel like our list never ends, or like we’re not sure what we actually achieved.

We feel unsure of how to spend our time or feel dread when we think about the things that need our attention.

We don’t recharge, either because we work constantly or because even when we’re ‘off’, we’re anxious about work.


There is a different way.

There is the option to reconnect to, redefine, or summon a sense of purpose when you want it. To live feeling purposeful and energized.

There is the option of working the number of hours you want, accomplishing what’s most important, and experiencing a deep sense of achievement at the end of your hours, days and weeks.

There is the option of leading authentically and powerfully at the same time.

There is the option of redefining what you think is possible, of redefining what you think you are capable of. Of creating a life + career you don’t even recognize. In the best way.


To learn more and find out if this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, schedule a consultation with me. I can’t wait to meet you.


A note to the unsure: our brains are wired to resist what’s new + unknown. They make these things seem confusing + difficult. They make it very compelling — a relief — to say no, to do what we’re comfortable doing. When your brain gives you confusion or uncertainty, it’s just doing its job. But if you knew, 100%, that your life would change for the better, what would you do? Make a decision from the future, for your future self.

Mimi is the absolute best teacher, leader, listener, and wisdom sharer I know. She believes everyone has immense potential and coaches you to meet that potential.

— Jamie Simon, Executive Director, Camp Tawonga


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I've been fortunate to know a lot of strong leaders over my 25-year career, and Mimi is one of the greatest. As Galileo's VP of People, Mimi's efforts led to record levels of employee engagement. And as we grew, Mimi not only directly led Galileo's largest team but became a central cultural and mission leader for the entire company.

— Glen Tripp, Founder & CEO, Galileo