You’re an achiever. You like working toward goals. Creating something new from nothing.

You don’t like the stress, health-sacrificing busy-ness, and go, go, go that comes along with going after your dreams.

It feels like a trap. Like you have to sacrifice so much to go after what you want.

Because the alternative is to stop achieving. Which you definitely do not want.

Faced with this trap, most people give in to one option or the other.

They dive into the stress again. Or they give up on their dreams.

But there’s an alternative. It’s the one my clients opt for.

Non-frantic startup.

Successful launch and family time.

A brilliant new company without burnout

Feeling done with the busy burnout means that you’re ready for this.

Ready for the next level.

Ready to get your Masters in Accomplishment.

Ready to write your own rules for achievement.

You’re ready to become the badass who achieves big goals without self-sacrifice.

The woman who has fun all the way to her dreams.

The person who has opted out of busy culture in favor of calm achievement.

We can keep what society gave us: women have to do it all + work twice as hard to be successful.

Or, we can pick our own belief: we get to go as big as we want and can drop the drama.

I’d love to invite you to your next level.

The one where you have your dreams and a life you love, too.

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Mimi is a phenomenal coach who has the ability to help you radically change your life.
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Partnering with Mimi on this journey has been instrumental in my professional and personal growth.
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... your ability to ask difficult questions and challenge me to work through my comfort zone is unlike anything I have ever experienced.
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Coaching with Mimi has been beyond amazing. The insights and knowledge I’ve gotten are mind-blowing.
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Working with Mimi is like finding out you’ve been wearing ruby slippers the whole time.
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