FREE MASTERCLASS: Design (Your Day) for Done

If you’re here, something about work isn’t working.

Not the actual doing the work — you love doing, achieving, pursuing.

You’re good at it. And you’ve only gotten better and better over time.

And as that happened, work ballooned way past your boundaries.

For you, maybe it’s long hours.

Or periods of constant stress + anxiety during “busy season.”

Or missing out on what’s really important — the faces you love seeing, your physical or mental health, the things you love to do outside of what you do as your career, business, or calling.

With all of this, you’re considering giving up the things you want to achieve to have the balance you want.

Of course you are. Who wouldn’t?

But before you make that decision, give me a chance to show you a different way of working.

One where you get to achieve what you want. In the time you want. With the life you want.

While keeping what’s most important front and center in how you allocate your time.

I created Design for Done as a free Masterclass for doers ready for new rules for doing.

This class includes a little brain science, a little habit formation, and a little bit about defying the patriarchy. It’s a lot of fun.

In it, I will teach you:

  • why having both ambition and a balanced life feels like such a challenge
  • how we often misdiagnose, and then try to solve the wrong problem
  • the real causes and the real solutions.

I cover this exact content with my coaching clients. They use it to change their lives.

This process isn’t about doing more in less time, though that’s usually a result.

It’s about completely changing the way we think about work and achievement.

It’s the difference between fitting it all in and curating a day you love.

It’s the difference between trying to get everything done and doing the most valuable + important things.

It’s the difference between solving problems for everyone else and solving yours. Permanently.

I hope you’ll join me.

Register today.

Register now for Design for Done. I’ll walk you through exactly what I teach my clients.

Achieve big. Without sacrificing what’s most important. Starting now.


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