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Leading by Example

Leadership, Management

Be the example.

Not the exception.

Be the one who is, does, has, everything you want for — and expect from — everyone else.

This is the cardinal rule for leading — your life, your team, your household, your company.

Give to yourself — energy, love, grace, planning, investment, time, space, health, breathing room, humor, joy.

Expect of yourself — clarity, follow-through, work ethic, responsibility, results, perseverance, ownership.

Be different.

Be on purpose.

The world is full of instances of leading by exception, not by example.

We can look to the world stage + our own experience to find leaders who believe themselves exceptions to the rules those they lead are expected to follow.

And we can look to the same places to find thousands of examples of leaders denying themselves in service of others.

Neither works.

Because we can’t truly inspire anyone to be or do anything without being and doing it ourselves.

What do you want to show others, to give them permission to do by your example?

How do you want to show up in this life?

Be different.

Be on purpose.

Give to yourself. Have high expectations of yourself. Over-deliver for yourself.

Be the example.

We’re not taught to think about leadership this way — about an opportunity to invest in and look at ourselves in order to have the greatest impact. Most of us have internalized all kinds of messages about power or self-abnegation, or both. Here’s the truth: it’s crazy to think that there is any better way to spend your time as a leader than investing in yourself. Ready to see the difference it will make? In your time, energy, inspiration, balance, and bottom line? Schedule a consultation and let’s get started.