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Category: Productivity

Great questions

You want to have an amazing day. How to make it happen? Something I get asked often is some version of: how do I take control of my day? For

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Establishing your Filter

What’s most important? In your role right now, what’s the big idea? The most vital result to create or service to deliver? An offering to your customers? An important hire?

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Choose Your Path On Purpose

What’s something you really want? Something you’d be proud of achieving? Maybe it’s material, like buying a new house. Maybe it’s professional, like becoming the CEO of your own company

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The Secret to Permanent Change

Permanent change comes from permanent commitment. It comes from 100% certainty that you will follow through. It comes from an action you are so sure you’ll take that you’d be

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The only tool you need

There is only one tool needed to plan your time. There is only one tool required to be incredibly productive + effective. It is the best tool available. It is

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