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Category: Productivity

State of Emergency

Emergencies are easy. There’s a clear, single priority. There’s a ready-made excuse for doing just the most essential, urgent tasks. Because there’s an emergency. All hands on deck. Everything else

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You Have a Human Brain

Remember the time you told yourself you weren’t going to [fill in your blank], but when the time came you did the opposite? Remember the time you had a great

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Nothing Has Gone Wrong

What if nothing has gone wrong? Last week we talked about confidence, about where it comes from, and about how to begin the process of having more of it. Specifically,

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Confidence: the Unlock

I once heard Michelle Obama say that she was raised to believe that she belongs in every room she walks into. This thought stopped me in my tracks. First, because

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The results are in the doing.

A conversation that I have a lot — with clients, with friends and family, and with people out in the world — is about practicing thought work, about managing our

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