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Category: Leadership

Hunger for the HOW

Have you ever wished that someone would hand you a detailed plan for a project, a precise script for a difficult conversation, or exact steps to follow to reach some

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What are you willing to feel?

I was recently telling my business coach how uncomfortable it was to take action toward some of my goals. She asked if I was willing to feel twice the discomfort

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Goals: Today

You have a goal. You’re all in. 100%. Certain. When the rubber meets the road . . . things change + shift, you re-negotiate deadlines, change the plan . .

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Confidence. It’s an emotion, one we tend to think is earned in the past  — by what we’ve already done and learned. Our years of experience give us the right

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How to Set a Boundary

Let’s talk about boundaries. I get a lot of questions about how + when to create boundaries, and always answer by first redefining how to think about what a boundary

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Fighting Reality

Imagine trying to change the color of the sky because you’d prefer it was orange. Or trying to cure yourself of the flu by ignoring it and going about your

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