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Category: Leadership

Organizational Beliefs

Every organization has operating manuals, procedure manuals, protocol. And there’s also a set of beliefs that drives every company. And these beliefs have much, much more influence over its success

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Doing Hard Things

I’ve fired a lot of people. People I’ve worked with for only a couple of days, people I’ve worked with for years, people who were (and still are) my friends

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Exception to the Rule

The very first skill of thought work is separating facts from thoughts. If that sounds simple, or if you think you’re already a pro, don’t stop reading. Facts, or circumstances,

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People-pleasing is the term we’ve given to the act of lying to another person about what we think, feel or want in order to prevent them from having negative thoughts

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User Manual

Think about an important relationship in your life — your spouse, your boss, your mom . . . someone significant. What are your rules for them? Most of us have

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Create Your Confidence

I am amazing. I am super smart, so funny, so competent. I put so much love into the world. Every single day I help at least one other person think

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