Brain On Fire

The stuff that inspires me and the (mixed) results
of implementing said stuff

dig deep, show up

Go big

Going big is scary. Doing all we know ourselves to be capable of, taking risks, and showing the world everything that we’re made of — it’s no small feat. Brené

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The results are in the doing.

A conversation that I have a lot — with clients, with friends and family, and with people out in the world — is about practicing thought work, about managing our

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Presence of Mind

I didn’t get it. For years, the idea of focusing on the present moment came to me from multiple sources and hovered in my consciousness. It didn’t appeal to me

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On Purpose

Purpose is huge for me. I love to feel it. I love the energy it provides. It’s why I’ve chosen every job I’ve ever taken, sought anything, and made all

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You’re doing it right.

Businesses never grow faster than the person leading them. Neither do teams. You’ve probably witnessed this a hundred times. As goes a leader, so goes her team. Fear-based decisions, scarcity,

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