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At work, I felt a lack of control over my experience. I didn’t prioritize my tasks or schedule my time. I allowed interruptions, and would just do what came my

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Goals: Today

You have a goal. You’re all in. 100%. Certain. When the rubber meets the road . . . things change + shift, you re-negotiate deadlines, change the plan . .

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Confidence. It’s an emotion, one we tend to think is earned in the past  — by what we’ve already done and learned. Our years of experience give us the right

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If I love myself unconditionally, I’ll be seen as self-centered. I hear this from clients when I ask them the downside of loving themselves unconditionally — when I ask for

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How to Set a Boundary

Let’s talk about boundaries. I get a lot of questions about how + when to create boundaries, and always answer by first redefining how to think about what a boundary

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