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Indecision Costs

Let’s talk about indecision. I’m a fan of deciding. Opting moves us forward, gives us new information to work with, and builds our trust in our own decision making. And,

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When to Decide: Ahead of Time

When a client tells me she’s struggling to follow through on something important, the first thing we look at is when she’s making decisions. By default, many of us make

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The obstacle is the way

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at an altitude model for prioritization — defining a compelling why for our life, which guides our constrained current focus, which then determines

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How to Plan Your Week

Last week, we talked about the altitude model of prioritization — how to decide in advance what’s most important to minimize in-the-moment decisions and align actions with purpose or goals.

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Purposeful boots on the ground

There is fierce competition for our attention. In fact, many of the physical things in our lives are designed specifically to grab and hold our attention — phones, laptops, news

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