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Emotional Quality of Life

What is your emotional quality of life? Take a second. Think about it. What 2-3 emotions do you experience most? Our emotions are biological signals, chemical tools that tell us

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Decision Fuel

Think about the last big decision you made. How did you make it? What criteria did you use? What data did you collect and review? And most importantly, what feeling

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Getting it Right

A lot of clients I work with identify as people who want to “get it right.” They want to do things the right way. Get a good grade. Deliver more

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Leading during a crisis

All of my clients are leading during a pandemic — many are leading organizations, some are leading households, all are leading their lives. We’ve been talking a lot about their

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What’s in your tank?

Your emotions are fuel. They drive your actions + supply the energy for everything you do and how you do it. Like what you put in the gas tank of

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Relationships in Chaos

Our relationship to anything is our list of thoughts about that thing. Our relationships to people are our thoughts about those people. Our relationship to a specific person is our

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