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How to Plan Your Week

Last week, we talked about the altitude model of prioritization — how to decide in advance what’s most important to minimize in-the-moment decisions and align actions with purpose or goals.

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Purposeful boots on the ground

There is fierce competition for our attention. In fact, many of the physical things in our lives are designed specifically to grab and hold our attention — phones, laptops, news

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Hunger for the HOW

Have you ever wished that someone would hand you a detailed plan for a project, a precise script for a difficult conversation, or exact steps to follow to reach some

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What are you willing to feel?

I was recently telling my business coach how uncomfortable it was to take action toward some of my goals. She asked if I was willing to feel twice the discomfort

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Take real good care

What does it really mean to take care of yourself? Several of my clients are working on achieving big goals — permanent life changes, things that would change their self-concept.

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