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State of Emergency

Emergencies are easy. There’s a clear, single priority. There’s a ready-made excuse for doing just the most essential, urgent tasks. Because there’s an emergency. All hands on deck. Everything else

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The Best Thing in the World

“. . . the world is the best thing in the world.” This is what my husband wants to teach our nieces. That it’s not your small patch that is

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You Have a Human Brain

Remember the time you told yourself you weren’t going to [fill in your blank], but when the time came you did the opposite? Remember the time you had a great

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Letter to new clients

I recently wrote a letter to new clients, an introduction to the materials I share when we begin working together. It paints the beginning of the picture of coaching, something

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New week. New challenge. New experiment. A couple of weeks ago, I issued a challenge, invited you to try eliminating negative self-talk for seven days. Last week, I invited you

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Suffering Not Required

Why is emotional suffering necessary? I haven’t been able to find a good reason. Pain, yes. Suffering, no. I don’t see an upside. Pain is how I describe negative emotion

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